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Animated lulz.
blond one who looks like he's in pain, they're making fun of me again Alice :(
All made by driftingaway. (See more at:,

^LOL the eyebrow waggling.

^Jasper serenading Alice. Okay, it was actually on set, but close enough.

^Jasper really... likes... playing with bats.

^Popping the collar.

^Just... LOL.

^Jasper and Alice dancing into the cafeteria.

^"They're making fun of me again, Alice. :|"

^I like how Alice and Jasper just kind of wander in. Through the window.

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I've been watching all the Twilight extras oh the shame, but you've made it hard to resist and Jasper/Jackson is wonderful. XD Especially in the scenes the first two gifs come from. I wish there had been more of Jackson playing his guitar, he's really good.

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